Our Vision

Have you ever imagined being able to hold in your hand, an idea seen only in your mind’s eye? What you wear is a representation of who you are as an individual. Your jewelry is no exception- it should be as “younique” as you are.

What better way to convey your individuality than to design and personalize your own piece of bespoke jewelry.

Who we are?

Welcome to WizeGem Personalized Jewelry Shop, powered by WizeGem online platform. It is based on our innovative technology and a powerful 3D engine, enabling anyone to visualize and customize jewelry models in real-time 3D and order their one-of-a-kind jewelry at the click of a button.

With advanced omnichannel solutions, WizeGem connects consumers in a new, never seen before way, and can even be operated directly from your mobile device.

Maximum personalization – Fully online

WizeGem platform enables users of all knowledge and experience levels to design jewelry to their exact specifications, regardless of prior knowledge or experience levels. Once completed, users’ personalized products are produced and expediently delivered to their door. The options are endless, including the ability to edit sizes, shapes, textures, text, and all other aspects of jewelry pieces including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and cufflinks. The experience truly is like nothing you have seen before, producing wearable art that is uniquely yours. The only limitation? Your imagination.

The Shop of the Future – Now

We have launched WizeGem Shop, the first ever 3D Personalized jewelry online shop, to provide you the most advanced technology, innovative experience and personalized products. Explore our variety of jewelry models, view it in 3D, use the menu to personalize it online, select your preferred precious material (from silver 925 or 14K gold) and buy it. Your unique model will be made-to-order, handled professionally with top care and delivered to you.

Safe and Secure Payment

We are doing the most to provide you not only the best personalized experience but also the safe and secure one. We support payment via PayPal. You may pay via your PayPal account or by credit card via PayPal.


We offer you a standard delivery to most of the destinations worldwide, including US and Europe. For more information please refer to our T&C page here.

Where are we?

We are proud to serve our customers from over 200 countries around the globe.

WizeGem VAT number 558227229.
Email: info@wizegem.com
Harimon street 53, Haruzim, 91700, Israel.